1500+ Happy Early Birthday Wishes, Images, Meme, Quotes 2022

Happy Early Birthday
Happy Early Birthday

Happy Early Birthday Wishes, Images, Meme, Quotes 2022

It is too hard when wishing an early happy birthday to someone special. Birthday is a unique day, which comes once a year. I have to take care of a birthday person. And sending them beautiful, unique, or special birthday wishes. 

I think it is fantastic to wish someone a happy birthday on their birthday. People love early birthday wishes. However, there are many questions that have been raised. When the time comes to wish somebody a happy birthday.

 Many people try to find ways to wish someone a happy early birthday, so if you are wondering what the best way is to wish someone a happy birthday beforehand? Don’t worry about it! 

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a very rare collection of pre-happy birthday wishes, images, quotes, memes, greetings, and more.

Happy Early Birthday Or Happy Birthday in Advance

Happy Early Birthday

Happy Early Birthday

“Rather than sending belated birthday. It is better to send a happy early birthday.”

  • I’d like to pre-emptively wish a happy birthday to the sharpest and coolest person I’ve ever known. Let’s raise a glass and toast to celebrate another year of you, and all you’ve accomplished!
  • I’m looking forward to meeting you and giving you the awesome present I just purchased. It’s going to make your birthday even more special. Happy Almost Birthday.
  • I am so stoked about my birthday! I will party like never before. Happy very early birthday to yourself!
  • It’s okay if you’re celebrating early, but try not to skip out on the celebration.
    Your friend, who was born on the same day as you, wishes you an early birthday!
  • How are you, cousin? I know it has been a while since we connected, but I wanted to express my best wishes for your forthcoming birthday very early.
  • Keep on keeping on. Early birthday wishes to you!
  • Let your motivation to be better be all for you. Enjoy your before-birthday celebrations.
  • Early birthday wishes to you today. Plan big plans and have fun tomorrow.
    Birthdays are special, but they are not as special as you. Here’s to an enjoyable pre-emptive birthday.
  • The perfect early birthday gift is a virtual hug. Here’s until I see you and bring you the real gift I got for you (hugs). Best of wishes on your special day. Image to help you wish yourself an early birthday. Happy Birthday in advance!
  • Image with a birthday cake to help you wish early. Early Birthday Wishes to You!
  • Here’s to the first man I loved: my dad. Happy Almost Birthday, Pop!
  • Here’s to the first woman I loved: my mom. Happy Almost Birthday, Mom!
  • Well happy early birthday to the little tyke. I know he/she will enjoy their first birthday!
  • My apologies for reminding you of your birthday so early, but here are some happy birthday wishes and doesn’t eat too much cake.
  • My rock and motivator of the day, you inspire me every day. Birthday hugs and a big happy birthday, son.
  • I consider you a ray of sunlight that brightens my day. Happy Birthday, from the bottom of my heart.
  • Today is my birthday, and I need some rest and relaxation. Happy early birthday, and enjoy the day!
  • Hey sis, thinking of you and all our fun times together. Enjoy your before-birthday plans!
  • Hey bro, never forget how much I love you. Happy Almost Birthday to you!
  • Uncle, you are like the father I never had. Thank you for everything and have a great birthday week.
  • Aunt, you are like a second mom to me. Thanks for all that you do and best early birthday wishes!
  • Grandma, don’t bake your own birthday cake again. It’s your special day this week, so I’ll pick up one at the bakery for you. Best early birthday wishes!
  • Grandpa, get out of your recliner, put down the newspaper and come get some early birthday party cake. You deserve it.
  • Create your own destiny this year. Dance because it’s almost your birthday. Best wishes!
  • Funny Happy Early Birthday Wishes Who doesn’t like a little birthday humor
  • Wishing you a very happy early birthday Do yourself a favor and treat yourself before your birthday, too!
  • I have the perfect birthday present for you: a hot bath, a glass of wine, and delicious truffles. I can’t wait to see you on your special day. Happy birthday in advance, dear friend.
  • Everyone, I am sorry to be so hard on myself, but I am celebrating my birthday. Here’s too many more. I will be celebrating my birthday for the entire week, so we will party in my place every day. If you are unavailable, catch us on Zoom.
  • I’m wishing myself an early birthday. Happy almost birthday to me!
  • What happened to time? Your birthday was just over a month ago. Have an amazing week celebrating you!
  • I look forward to celebrating my birthday with you all. Best wishes to me and I look forward to celebrating with all of you.
  • I’m saying it early so I won’t be late. You know how I’m bad at keeping track of time. It’s your Almost Birthday so celebrate yourself all week long.
  • Recline, booze, chips, repeat! You know what I’m bringing over tomorrow night for you. Have an enjoyable almost birthday celebration.
  • I’m blasting off your special day this week with early birthday wishes. It’s Monday, but make it a fun day!
  • My favorite thing to do when I get to my birthday is to eat some cake the night before. I love to celebrate my birthday early!
  • It is my birthday today, so let me raise my glass! OK, so I know I’m a day early, but this is my birthday week. I’m starting the festivities early.
  • Good news! I’m wishing you a happy birthday before the new year because I’m doing it early this time. Happy Birthday!
  • My birthday is just a few days away, so I wish myself a Happy Almost Birthday.
  • Remember how much fun we’ll have tomorrow for my dance party. Whoop whoop to the birthday boy or girl.
  • Congratulations on my early birthday! Happy almost birthday, I am so lucky! My birthday this year will be early. I am so excited!
  • I will be all the focus of the celebration. Happy Early Birthday to me!
  • Wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your birthday, too!
  • Because I am able, I wish you the best for your birthday! That felt great! A month from now I will turn (insert age). I can hardly believe it.

Happy Early Birthday Images

Happy pre-birthday…

Happy Early Birthday
Pre Happy Birthday


happy early birthday
happy birthday in advance


happy early birthday


happy early birthday
happy early birthday


happy early birthday
Romantic early Birthday

Happy Early Birthday Quotes

happy early birthday
Early birthday


  • Keep on keeping on. Happy birthday in advance!


  • Whenever I do anything else in my life, I may be late. But when it comes to celebrating my best friend’s birthday, I will always be early.


  • I’m bringing your love to the first woman I loved: my mother. I’m proud to call you Mom. Happy almost birthday!


  • You are so very special to me that I could not wait for your birthday. Here is a happy birthday in advance to you.


  • Having your birthday early so that I don’t have to remember it later.


  • I wish you an enjoyable pre-emptive birthday. Birthdays are special, but they are no match for you.


  • Wishing you a very happy birthday today. Go out and have fun while you are at it.


  • Feel free to enjoy your before-birthday celebrations. Let your motivation motivate you to be better.


  • This might be an early birthday wish, but best wishes for your birthday this week. Don’t forget to treat yourself.


  • Happy almost-birthday to my father, my first man I loved.


  • In advance, I wish you a very happy birthday. May all your dreams come true.


  • Your birthday is a race and I am going to beat everyone else to it. Happy birthday in advance.

Happy Early Birthday Funny

  • Guess what I’m thinking about today? You! Happy birthday early from your friend!


  • A happy birthday to my favorite person is better than a late greeting.


  • Since I will be missing your birthday party, we might as well start the party early. Happy birthday, in advance.


  • It’s almost time for your birthday. Celebrate it with a dance. All the best.
  • I celebrate you even before your birthday because you are a special person to me. Happy birthday in advance.


  • I cannot remember your birthday forever so I would like to wish you a happy birthday while I still remember it.


  • For your birthday next year, here’s a happy birthday advance greeting, just in case I forget again. Have an awesome day!


  • Hey! It’s your birthday a whole week early. That’s awesome because it means you get two birthday wishes in the mail instead of just one.


  • There are five days to go until the real celebration. I sincerely look forward to the real party, dear friend. Happy birthday in advance.


  • It is about to happen, I can hardly wait for it. Your birthday is shortly approaching, let’s party like it’s a big deal. Happy birthday in advance!


  • In case Facebook suffers technical problems tomorrow, let me wish you a happy birthday early!


  • Let’s do the countdown instead of the birthday card. Do a race to be the one to greet you first!


  • Thank you for the early birthday greeting, birthday girl. I hope you don’t mind me giving it to you since you look awesome!


  • You could not ask for a better birthday present, but you absolutely can’t beat the impromptu hugs you’ll receive. Can’t wait until your birthday.


  • The sky looks so clear and the day is so beautiful, but guess what is? Your birthday is just a few days away!


  • I am showing you some love early this week to get you in the mood. You should take advantage of your special day this week by doing something fun!


  • You are so dear to me that I am sending you an early birthday greeting to let you know how much I love you. I am so excited about your birthday.

Happy Early Birthday Meme

happy early birthday

happy early birthday
happy birthday


happy early birthday
happy  birthday in advance

happy early birthday


happy early birthday

FAQ – Happy Early Birthday

How do you say happy birthday before their birthday?

Happy birthday in advance or early happy birthday wishes can be wished in many ways. Do one thing. Check out this article. You will get amazing early birthday wishes, images, quotes, etc.

How do I wish myself a happy birthday in advance?

It is easy to say happy birthday to myself. You can Check out the above wishes, which are great for yourself.

Is it correct to say advance happy birthday?

Yes, you can say this or you can happy birthday in advance. Or you can check out this article.

How do you say happy birthday before 10 days?

If you wish to wish someone an early happy birthday you may do so in advance of the actual date. And if you need more information about early birthdays click here.


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