Belated Birthday Greetings 2022 [200+ Best Collection of Happy]

Belated Birthday Greetings
Belated Birthday Greetings

Happy Belated Birthday Greetings: Life is busy, so forgetting someone’s birthday is not a good thing. We have no time for ourselves and even for our loved ones. The event is most common when we’re busy somewhere or forget to wish someone. Or we get distracted. It’s not pleasant to be left out on events such as the birthdays of our friends, family, and loved ones. But having a busy life can make us forget the date and wishes.

We cherish the support and friendship we have with various people in our life, such as dad, mom, siblings, husband, wife. They expect us to give them the best wishes on their birthday, and we may feel lonely when we fail to do so. 

The best way to apologize for late birthday wishes, and to wish them, is to send them a belated birthday greeting. That way they’ll look upon your late wishes with favor. 

I have compiled the greatest collection of happy belated birthday greetings so that you can send them to your friends, spouses, siblings, parents, and so on. You can also try these greetings to convince them and ask for forgiveness.

Here are some wishes and greetings to send to your loved one if you recently forgot their birthday.

Using belated birthday wishes is the best way to wish. If you forgot to wish your friends, family, spouse, mother, father, there are still many ways to make them happy. Here are the best belated birthday greetings, with which you 100% make your late wishes.

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Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Greetings

Happy Belated Birthday

Belated Birthday Greeting


Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Belated Birthday Greeting


Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Belated Birthday Greeting

Belated Birthday Greeting 2022

  • Your friendship will always compensate for your mistakes no matter where it takes place. Happy belated birthday, buddy.


  • You’re important to me, so I would like you to have a second party. Happy birthday, belatedly.


  • Belated birthday greetings, even though they came to you quite late, with lots of love, positivity, and best wishes.


  • Happy Birthday, no matter how late it is, I really hope that your life will always be filled with joy, love, and happiness!


  • Congratulations on your birthday! It has already been a year! Oh no! I hadn’t realized it had already been a year. Well, I hope you enjoyed the day and that you enjoy the next year.
Belated Birthday Greetings
Belated Birthday Greetings


  • Despite being in the position to send you some early birthday wishes, I found Google came up with the best one when I thought of “hope you enjoyed a lot on your birthday.”


  • Happy belated birthday to such an amazing and kind person. I hope you had a wonderful day and that you will have an even better year ahead.


  • We all know that birthdays are special, but a person like u is special every day. Wishing u an awesome belated Bday.


  • Unfortunately, we did not communicate on time to wish you a happy birthday. However, let me take the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday anyway.


  • Since I forgot about your special day, my present will be bigger. Smile because I know you love gifts!


  • You had a great birthday even though I missed it. Birthdays are meant to be enjoyable and to be a celebration of milestones achieved.
Belated Birthday Greetings
Belated Birthday Greetings


  • Feel free to forgive me for not sending u birthday wishes on ur special day. Here’s hoping u had a fabulous day belatedly.


  • It is truly my pleasure to wish u a very happy birthday. I do hope u had a great birthday. I promise to make it up for u next year.


  • It’s always the last surprise that leaves everyone shocked. Not wishing u on your birthday was totally intentional. I just wanted to give you a surprise. Happy belated bday!


  • So, I am a little late in wishing you a happy bday. I hope u enjoy yours and don’t get too upset.


  • Despite the fact it comes to u late, this greeting is full of positive energy, happiness, and well wishes. Belated happy bday!
Belated Birthday Greetings
Belated Birthday Greetings


  • It is with great regret that I did not wish you a happy birthday on your birthday. I wish you the best. Happy Belated Birthday.


  • My first thought was, u were getting wiser because you were getting older. But then I thought that you were getting only older. Happy belated birthday!


  • Happy belated birthday! I hope your life will always be filled with happiness, joy, and love; it’s been a long time since you were born but I wouldn’t want you to have missed out on any of them!

Belated Birthday Greetings

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to Friend

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, Honey is sweet, and my love for u is eternal. I’m so sorry for missing your bday, dear friend, forgive me. Belated happy birthday, dear.
Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Belated Birthday
  • Happy belated birthday to my friend forever, even though late wishes will not ruin the fun but they will extend the occasion a bit longer.


  • Having been looking forward to ur bhday for a while, it was with great pleasure that I sent u my birthday wishes a little later than everyone else.


  • Forgive me one last time because I promise I won’t forget ur birthday again. I hope u & your family had a great day.


  • Let me wish you a happy birthday in arrears, dear. Yesterday I went shopping in hopes of finding you some gifts 4 your birthday.
Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Belated Birthday
  • Thank you for forgiving me every time I have wished u late for your birthday. You are such a good friend who is caring, loyal, & charming.


  • It made me forget to wish you a happy bhday when I got back to my house very tired and stressed out. I am so sorry.


  • Anybody can remember your bday, but only a true friend will remember it even after the date has passed. Happy belated birthday!


  • My friends are just friends. We no longer consider you friends, we consider you family members, and I believe it is very bad that I forgot to send birthday wishes on the 1st of the month. Forgive me for that. Happy Birthday, friend.


  • Happy belated birthday my dear friend! I hope you have many more to come in your life. Happy belated birthday!
happy belated birthday
happy belated birthday

Whether it’s a belated birthday greeting you are thinking about, or you are wondering what to get someone for their next birthday, it is a nice idea to send them a belated birthday greeting card. Unlike some of the other types of greeting cards you might have received in the mail for birthdays, these are not ones that are printed with a holiday theme or saying. Here are some examples of belated birthday greeting cards that people typically receive on their special day:

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